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    Blogs are becoming the standard for web sites today. One of the most popular blog platforms is WordPress. WordPress is typically “self-hosted”, meaning that you have to install it on your own web host service. As with all data, you must backup up your blog and website data for those just in case events. For example, an upgrade to a site may cause the site to stop functioning properly, what are you going to do? If you had a recent back up of the site all you have to do is upload your back up version and poof, back in business!

    WordPress makes many of the tedious tasks involved in building and maintaining a web site or blog easier with the use of plug ins. The WordPress blogging platform have many plugins that can do almost anything you would want to do to customize your site. These plugins are contributed by members of the WordPress community that they share with all of us who use WordPress. Thanks to them for their great contributions of plugins which makes WordPress more than just a blog!.

    One of the the most valuable plugin available to WordPress is WP-BACKUP! For this explanation, WP-BACKUP Version 1.5 is used. Upload the files in the wp-backup plugin folder except readme.txt and backuprestore.php to the wp-content/plugins folder in your site. Copy backuprestore.php to your wp-content/plugins directory. Also, create a folder named backup in the wp-content folder where your back up files will be stored. Then go to the plugins page from the admin screen and click activate to start using wp-backup.

    Once activated, go to the admin and select backup/restore and start the wp-backup admin panel.

    Select Backup Database to back up your mysql database structure and data which will have a file name that includes the date and ends in sql. To back up your entire site with all folders and files, select Backup WordPress Files to download and save to your computer. This file, although compressed, is quite complete and can be used to not only restore a broken web site, but also can be used to move the files to a new host.

    There are many WordPress plugins that perform the same functions, for example there is also WP-DB-BACKUP with a few more options to back up the WordPress website, which we will discuss later.

    This is version 1.5 of WP-BACKUP that you can download here WP-BACKUP 1.5

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