• How to Choose Web Hosting

    by Jacky • December 19, 2007 • Website Hosting • 0 Comments

    There are different operating system platforms such as Windows Hosting or Linux Hosting. The biggest difference between the two platforms above is that one is more preferred for web developers, thus having more programs available to you to buy and some free. Linux servers currently offer more programs than the Windows servers, and most major companies host their websites on Linux Servers. Linux Servers generally runs faster and are more secure than a windows server. This is partly due to how the operating systems are built. Windows try to include every possible function in the base package while Linux allows the host company to add the functions they need.

    If you don’t know much about html you can look for a host that offer free website building software and some of the better ones will even supply free Domain names. 1and1 Hosting is currently offering up to 5 free domain names with certain packages and they offer a money back guarantee.

    Check out the many different additional services included in the package and choose the package with the most features for the money. 1and1 Hosting has a fantastic offering on their feature rich “business Hosting” package for $50.00 off right now! Go and get it if you are looking for a new host to move to or just getting your business on the web, it is a great deal!

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