• How to Choose Web Hosting

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    When looking for a web host, first figure out what it is that you want to host. For example, will you have a professional website, e-commerce shop or hobby website. Of course you can have a website for any thing you want to communicate to the world, but these are just a few examples that depict different website applications.

    You will notice that there are many free hosts out there, but not as many as in the past. Free hosting can be a good deal to get your feet wet on the internet, but for websites like the ones mentioned above, here are a few reasons why free hosting may be a drawback.

    • Free Hosting may contain advertising that drives attention from your site
    • Lack of control of design with many free hosting services
    • Limitation on bandwidth or the amount of traffic allowed
    • Not allowed to use your domain name like “www.mydomain.com”

    For the most versatility and flexibility you will need to purchase hosting. The rules to choosing a paid host are many, but we will point out some basics that will minimize costs and maximize productivity! In other aspects, anything free is more often preferred over having to pay for something, but not the case with web hosting. Remember the phrase, you get what you pay for! Some things to look for in a paid web hosting service are listed below.

    • Storage Size – The amount of data in gigabytes you get with the package
    • Email Accounts – Number of email accounts to meet your business or project needs,
    • Bandwidth – How much traffic per month you can have included with package. Important!
    • Features – Web Site Builder, Databases, PHP, Domains and more!


    Often times, you will receive more useful features with paid hosting. Technical support will be much better with help available when you need it. In most cases, paid hosts will have much faster connections to the internet so your site will load faster. There are excellent hosting packages starting from $6.99 per month like 1and1 hosting. There should not be any reason why you shouldn’t go with a paid host.

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