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    by Jacky • August 11, 2008 • Internet • 0 Comments

    Need to surf the web, check email or check out the latest web videos? If so, you will need a couple of things first. Of course at the minimum, a computer is needed and it has to be connected to some ISP or “Internet Service Provider”. What kind of ISP you would need, depends on your location. There are ISPs who advertise daily about broadband, DSL , Wireless, or Cable connections, but when it comes down to it, if you live in an area just outside of their reach, none of them can help you get those exciting broadband speeds!

    I know this sounds like soo 20th Century, but until a recent move, connecting to the internet has become a top interest. After over five years of using DSL service to connect to the internet, Verizon does not provide DSL at the new location, despite it being only four miles down the road. Their reason given was that “the service center to that location is different and currently does not have DSL capability”. So why all of the advertisements that fill up our television time, boast about DSL and other broadband services as if they are available in that tv service area? What about people who live in rural America, are they not a market deserving of prime communications products?

    One might think that the major telecoms would be expanding broadband into every part of the U.S., but it appears they are only interested in serving places like Bangalore and not Barstow. As technology becomes more affordable for average people, the services are unavailable and this is not 21st Century communications. Now, when I hear these large companies, AT&T, Verizon and others speak about their “Global” reach with their prime internet products, a little buzz in my ear, says “Globally Limited”. There is more to this episode in the next post, come back and check it out!

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